How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes have to be chosen meticulously, just like you would your wedding venue and bridal gown. Think of the wedding cake as the grandest wedding decoration. It exudes everything that you want your wedding day to be. It shows your personal style, your taste in food, and the ambiance that you want your wedding to have.

But more than just an ornament, wedding cakes are part of the entire ceremony too. Cake cutting is a popular photo opportunity as it indicates the first meal that you and your partner is going share after the wedding, looking forward to many more. After the cake is cut and shared with all the guests, everyone becomes a part of your sweet journey together.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake

It should not be difficult to choose the ideal wedding cake if you already what you wanted from the start. However, for those who don’t have any idea yet, you might have to allow ample time into making the decision. Try to start to choose a wedding cake six prior to your wedding day. That’s a lot of time for you to choose and for the baker to make the cake, especially if you intend to buy a very big and elegant one.

When choosing a wedding cake, there are many factors to consider. The size, of course, tops the list. The rest like flavor, design, and price all come secondary. Below are some tips that can help you decide which wedding cake is right for you.

1. Size

To choose the right size of the cake, consider the number of guests you’re inviting to your wedding. While this is the most important consideration, don’t allow yourself this factor to outshine all the others. Also, don’t buy a cake that’s just right for everyone. Order your cake one size bigger than necessary because you never know if there are guests who want a second serving of your delicious cake.

2. Venue

While you may not think about it much, the wedding venue is a major concern when choosing a wedding cake. Wedding cakes are made with frosting that may melt if you’re going to have a garden reception. The choice of icing is going to be crucial. If the wedding venue is going to be cold, a buttercream cake is suitable. If it is going to be quite warm, consider choosing a fondant cake.

3. Theme

Your cake has to match your wedding theme and there’s no going around it. Don’t hesitate to talk to professional cake makers. They are more than happy to take the challenge of making your wedding cake according to how you visualized it. Tell them about your ideas as to what you want to see in your wedding cake. Tell them about the theme you chose for your wedding. Consider their suggestions and incorporate them with yours for the best results.

These are just some of the thing that you should consider when choosing a wedding cake. It is best that you consult with the experts so you know that you’re going to have the wedding cake of your dreams.

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Types of Celebration Cakes

We celebrate many events in our lives and cakes are mostly present to that occasion because cakes make the celebration more special because does magic to people. This article will give your ideas on what uncommon event in your life that cakes can make it more special than what it is. Weddings, birthdays and graduations are already out because it is the common events where you can find cakes. If you want cake makers that will really satisfy your needs and taste you have to go roam around the city and look for the best bake shop that people suggest for you to go.


Making revealing what college you were accepted, what will be the gender of the baby or what school club you choose and accept you, make it fun through cakes. There is this trend where you will be going to pull something from the cake to reveal what it is held for you. This type of small celebration is an exciting and cakes make is more memorable for everyone especially to the person who will be involved. Just make sure that it is really well made (the design) to have the element of surprise for the people because it is the real purpose.

Monthly Cake for Babies

There is this tradition that you will be celebrating every month that your baby reaches her/his month before his/her first birthday. It is a good celebration even you will just buy mini cakes for your baby every month, celebrating her monthly life and how you are blessed you have him or her. This may be a little bit eating your effort but we all know you wanted to give you baby everything and making his or her living amazing and livable. There is no harm in your savings or your bank if you will be celebrating your baby’s life and it is more meaningful than any reason.

Mini Surprise

This is the event where you didn’t expect but to make it more surprising is to have a cake to celebrate with it. First, two front teeth being pulled out, instead of sticking the tooth fairy and the money it pays, why not make it more ironic that the tooth fairy gives him or her a cake. You kids did have good grades from school or they learn how to bike, it is like a milestone that they did and by buying them a cake. It will encourage them to do more good things in the future because it also shows you’re proud.

Make a simple celebration more special by showing that you are proud and that it is special too. Cakes express different impression and we all know that cakes are special if they really came from the people we love and care. Don’t make things complicated and it is not just big celebrations or event that needs a cake but also the small things that have a big impact on their lives. Celebrate good times with a cake!

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